February 18, 2017

5 mistakes new authors make

I'm currently doing a lot of critiques on Wattpad which led me to read some things over and over—especially from young authors. Guys, just know, these things won't give you a good story. I'm counting down 5 things I'm absolutely fed up with.

February 15, 2017

About Gods and Demons – Snippet #1

Wrote this on a whim. Pretty much sums up a nightmare I head. And it fits my idea perfectly.
Her eyes widened in disbelief. She shook her head without noticing.
There was something behind her. I remember a gross, shadow-like creature with claws out of a shiny material—not metall; it was something else. I can't put a name to it. Its claws were longer than my arms. And I remember green, glowing eyes—not human; cat-like without any white beside the reflections of the small slice of the moon.
It killed her.
Shred her to pieces. The blood was spread all over. Somehow the flowing pieces reminded me of sand blown away by the wind. It was awkwardly beautiful and horrifying at the same time.
The nameless creature howled.
I ran a spear out of ice through its throat. The creature's body shivered for one moment before it evaporated into dusty, dark clouds leaving nothing behind but an astonishing blue blob of water—not bigger than my pillow and purer than anything I’ve ever seen. And, of course, there was a crazy amount of blood spilled all around me.
This was my first encounter with a demon. Strange enough, the thing I remember best is that blob of water. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever stumbled upon in my short life.
And this seems much stranger if you are aware of the fact that this is now my power.

Dreaming of fantasies

Fairytail princess
You all know that dreams of unreachable places, foreign languages and strange cultures. Mesmerizing on their own, picturing those images feels like a dream itself.

Drawn for a competition of an aspiring author.

Seeking the hidden meaning

It doesn't matter if it's drawing, writing or dancing around.
I'm not particularly good at anything—especially not dancing—but I do it with passion. This blog will be about whatever comes to my mind and just maybe the meaning behind—be it my newest artworks, a snippet of one of my novels or just names which catch my eyes.

I'm also fascinated by mythologies, legends and history and I occasionally do webdesigns. So maybe some of that as well :)

Keep looking for secret and stay awesome!